Helicopter General Information

South Asian Airlines has been operating Robinson R-44 Raven II Helicopters under ATOL (Air Transport Operating License) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) since January 2001. Till to date, South Asian Airlines is holding an excellent safety record. Of her two helicopters, one is 2006 and other one is of 2007 model . The helicopters are of USA origin and manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC) of USA. Over 4000 helicopters of similar type are in operation in more than 70 countries. The performance of the helicopter is shown below:
(a)   Each helicopter has a capacity to carry 03 passengers.
(b)   Cruising Speed : 190 KM / HR
(c)   Endurance : 03 Hrs
(d)   Range : 600 KM
(e)   Max. all up weight : 1134 Kg

Purposes of Charter

  • Visit remote places of interest.
  • Meet relatives staying in remote places.
  • Sight seeing.
  • Bridal party.
  • Film shooting.
  • Aerial observation/Photography.
  • Dropping of leaflets for commercial products.
  • Medical Evacuation for sitting patients only.

Chartering procedure

  • South Asian Airlines provides helicopter to its valued clients on first come first service basis.
  • One may kindly give his requisition or consolidated program for using the helicopter(s) as per the specimen shown here. At our end, we will put our best effort and do necessary planning to satisfy your requirements.
  • We can provide 02 Robinson R-44 Helicopters at a time to meet your requirements.

Maintenance, Ground Handling & Dealership

South Asian Airlines has an Authorized Maintenance Organization (AMO) for maintenance of her own helicopters and cargo aircraft.

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