Chartering Fee

  • Flight Cost: Tk.55,000.00/= for each hour of flight used for normal air transportation. But, if the flying involves aerial film shooting, leaflet dropping etc the per hour flight cost will be 30% more.
  • Ground Waiting Cost: Tk. 5,000/= for each hour. Tk. 20,000/= consolidated for over night ground waiting. If over night ground waiting is planned at a place other then secured and active airport, the charter is to ensure safety and security of helicopter.
  • 15% VAT to be added on the total bill (flight cost + ground waiting cost).
  • Flying on Friday and Govt. holidays Tk.15000/= is applicable for each flight.
  • The minimum cost for a route will be 30 minutes of flying cost.
  • Fuel cost and Insurance will be covered by the South Asian Airlines.

Booking Procedure

Booking of a charter flight may be done physically at the airlines office or by fax/email/letter as convenient. Please click here to download a Requisition Form.
South Asian Airlines Limited.
House: 40, Apartment : 3(2nd Floor),
Road : 1,Banani DOHS Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh.
Phone : +88-02-8872150

A chartering requisition should include the following information:

  • Route.
  • Date of Departure.
  • Time Departure.
  • Passenger List (if passenger list include foreigners, their nationality, passport number, validity of passport to be mentioned) with occupation, address & telephone numbers.
  • Note: Written request should come at lease before 02 working day of flight day for our further necessary action.

Terms of Payment

  • Written request for helicopter should accompany 50% of the total cost. Rest 50% to be paid before the flight.
  • Please make Payment in cash.


  • Chatterer is to ensure security of the helicopter in the landing area (While on ground other than Airports).
  • A flag is to be hoisted close to the landing area (on top of a high tree/ Building / Bamboo pole).


  1. 10% of the flight cost will be charged for cancellation of flight.
  2. 48 hours before the flight schedule-Forfeiture of 35% of total cost.
  3. 36 hours before the flight schedule-Forfeiture of 75% of total cost.
  4. Within 24 hours prior to flight schedule-Forfeiture of 75% of total cost.

Point to Note

  • Flight May be delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, Technical Reasons or Unavoidable Circumstance
  • Delay at the airport during departure (for delay in passenger's arrival), will be Counted as ground waiting.
  • For additional information do not hesitate to call.
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